Services Offered

I offer a range of artistic and design services related to medieval artwork and heraldry. Below are some examples, features, and offerings that I make available.

Heraldic Art and Design

✠ Working to designing new Coats of Arms
✠ Creating Coats of Arms from a blazon
✠ Recreating a coat of arms from an existing image
✠ Assistance with blazoning
✠ Assistance in heraldic research

Please be aware that all of my heraldic art is based on medieval heraldic art from the 12th to 15th centuries. I use contemporary medieval sources, such as armorials, manuscripts, stained glass windows, and other forms of period art to reproduce digital heraldry that fits with the medieval aesthetic. I will not use modern or realistic depictions - and if you are wanting such depictions I would suggest approaching one of the many other excellent artists to assist with such a request.

Digital Restoration

✠ Restoring damaged/old medieval artwork
✠ Finishing incomplete medieval artwork
✠ Assistance in identifying medieval artwork

Digital restoration is a great thing because it allows us to complete and repair artwork that has become damaged overtime, or was never completely finished, without having to alter the original piece. I have digitally restored a number of medieval artworks to varying degrees. The aim of the process is not to completely reproduce the artwork from scratch with the corrections, but to use a high resolution copy of the artwork to repair and blend the new alterations into the existing image.

Original Artwork

✠ Artwork for Books
✠ Characters for role-playing games
✠ Depicting a reenactment persona
✠ Infographics

My original artwork is also drawn from medieval sources. However, in some cases - such as with infographic artwork - the additional placement of lines and text can be provided in a normally modern look in order to make it easily to digest. Such an example might be an artwork showing the various pieces of armor a knight might wear. I can do anything from small individual images to large illuminated manuscript artworks.

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